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Big question: How to increase sales for our site?

I have gotten a lot of questions from my main intimate clients. Most of them are easy to answer if it's under technical scope. However on the problem of increasing traffic, increasing sales, I dare not answer because if I agree to do, I'm scamming with my clients.

Why? If you've tried searching with Google, you'll get a lot of advice from experts on SEO, they raised all the important reasons and you need to fix it if you want. At Zucando, this is Search Engine Optimization service. This fact is not wrong but still not enough. What is a sufficient condition? You must run ads for your website and this is the play of Search Engines (Google, Bing) and Socials Network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest...)

Increasing traffic is a job for advertising and to save costs, you have to hire an expert or service to research it for you. Zucando named "Paid Search Marketing". Sometimes a mouse click from the ad, it's bigger than the value of the product. The truth is that! I was thinking a lot about this issue, about all my clients and I thought at the time I wrote this article, I had the answer. 

So, with the question: How to increase sales with maximum cost savings criteria or for free. The answer is  "We all have to build a system ". Indeed, I will start building a system that allows all of my clients to import their products and they can manage all via their website, not from our system. For details, please wait the next time. Regarding this idea, everything is ready to do. There is so much to be done for my clients so I'll try to run a demo of this system in this year. 

I'm not sure it will succeed but I can definitely one thing that with this system, the little bit as my client can increase sales at a totally free cost. 

A new update from their system will come in the next time.