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Climate change and energy security, challenges and opportunities for Vietnam

Climate change and energy security, challenges and opportunities for Vietnam

At the symposium "Climate change and energy security, challenges and opportunities for Vietnam" within the framework of Vietnam Economic Forum 2019 on January 17 organized by the Government and the Central Economic Committee , former US Secretary of State, John Kerry, said: "Clean energy is our future."

Mr. Bruno Angelet – Ambassador, chief of the European Union delegation in Vietnam shared: Formerly, when he worked with the government of Vietnam, the leaders have not really recognized the importance of clean energy.  "They believe that clean energy is too expensive, not for Vietnam. But now, the perception of the leaders was completely different. They are interested in improving the legal framework, and are aware of Vietnam's needs and great potential for clean energy and renewable energy, "said Bruno Angelet said.

However, the ambassador also said that the cost of electricity is too cheap to be one of the causes of enterprises and households that are not effectively used by the electricity. You need to have a tax on the coal power to move from the "Brown industry" to "green industry."

Reporting specific goals in Vietnam in responding to the impact of climate change, representative leaders of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment – Vice Minister Lê said: Vietnam is responsible for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Under the commitment of the Government of Vietnam, up to 2030 is reduced by about 8% of greenhouse gas emissions compared to climate change scenarios are predicted.

According to the climate change scripts of the Philippines, by the end of the XXI century, there will be 40% of the Mekong Delta region, 11% of the Red River delta area and 3% of the area of other coastal localities that will be flooded. Then there will be 10-12% of the population is affected directly, loss of 10% of GDP. In particular, the 20% area of Ho Chi Minh City will be flooded.

He is also the orientation of Vietnam to implement the policy, requiring many solutions at the same time, saving energy and guiding the path of new development. In that co-benefits article:  "Reducing greenhouse emissions and reducing climate change " is extremely important.

Participate in the anti-climate change process and ensure energy security cannot mention the contribution of business bloc outside the state. When asked about business perspective for energy industry, representative business block outside the state – Mr. Pham Thai Lai, CEO Siemens Vietnam review: Unable to concentrate the energy structure into a single industry, so the business will put itself in the hard , it should seek out a proper structure for energy use. Furthermore need to pay attention to the use of electricity efficiently, how to increase the distribution capacity and power transmission.

Mr. Lai also added, the exploitation of gas in Vietnam could be boosted. However, the supply of Vietnam has not yet met the demand for electricity, in the future may have to promote the import of gas energy. 

Vietnam is very interested in energy use, since 2006 has built the national target of energy. In 2015 the Ministry of Industry and Trade to evaluate the achievement of the achievements is very remarkable: The program's own phase 2011-2015 energy savings rate is 5.6% compared to forecasts. Recently, the Ministry of Industry has also submitted the Prime Minister to the next national program 2019-2025, Phase 2 from 2025-2030 with ambitions of energy savings rate of up to 8-10% against forecasts.

Supplying the orientation of energy industry plans for Vietnam in the coming time, Mr. John Rockhold – Head of power and Energy, Vietnam Business forum VBF poses big question:  "How to ensure clean energy prices are not too low and attract Investment from banks or financial institutions?  ". 

He said when attending an energy workshop held in Singapore, 94% of businesses believe that Vietnam is the future destination of energy industry. Vietnam needs to be attracted to the private sector's investment because Vietnam requires US$12 billion annually to maintain a clean energy development, besides giving the long-term framework of liquidity, ensuring sharing risk with the private sector.

End of the discussion, Mr. John Kerry stressed again the role of mounting the private sector investment because of the clear energy industry has just ensured sustainable economic development, just creating more jobs for people , the Government should not extend the time to further decision:  "Clean energy is our future." 

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