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Nielsen: Consumers are changing shopping portfolios online

Nielsen: Consumers are changing shopping portfolios online

The Nielsen E-commerce report 2018 said among consumers accessing the Internet, there are 98% of consumers who have purchased online, up 1% over the year 2017.

Through statistics, Nielsen has noted that the need for the use of information technology and mobile products has risen 11% in the last 2 years, has met the needs of the convenience of consumers in online shopping ecosystem.

In 2018, 98% of Internet access online shopping, up 1% over the same period 2017.

In it, 17% of consumers have used technology platforms to buy fresh food, up 5% over the year 2017, contributing to the growth of fast consumer goods (FMCG) on the e-commerce channel.

Fashion, tourism, books and music continue to be the largest and most significant branch in online transactions, in turn are 59%, 52% and 51%.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Dzung, senior director, Retail measurement Services Division, Nielsen Vietnam said tourism, fashion, books and music are the typical portfolios for the first online shoppers. However, when the level of familiarity, comfort and reliability increases, they expand into other areas such as beauty products, personal care and children's products. Eventually, consumers will be willing to buy other items such as packaging products and fresh foods.

"This proves the purchase of online with delivery service and food in recent years are taking significant steps," he said.

Nielsen's report shows that consumers have been more open with fresh food shopping and online packaging products when they are offering diversified purchase options and have certain quality assurance levels.

Specifically, about 2 out of 3 consumers (equivalent to 63%) said that the refund for products is not true to what the set will encourage them to buy more online. 

Same day replacement services for products not available are attracting more than 52% of consumers, while there are 56% looking for free delivery services for purchases on a minimum spending level.

"With the increase of consumers using online purchases, the development space e-commerce continuously has faded the boundaries between online and offline "-Mr. Nguyen Anh Dzung said.

According to him, a few years ago, consumers shopping through the e-commerce channel focused heavily on areas such as travel, fashion and books. But lately, Mr. Dzung said that has an increase in purchase in new categories.

"And coming, the next wave of developments in online buying trends will likely be driven by the improvements in digital terms such as personalized proposals for consumers based on programming procurement behaviors and online behaviour Route" he identified.

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