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Ask Customer for Review on Zen Cart

Ask Customer for Review on Zen Cart

Most of reviews from the customers are extremely important, it helps other customers to know the necessary information from the previous buyers. For your store, it can have more target keywords, always changing and fresh content will help to rank on better on search engine result page (SERP).

For stores that are using zen cart platform, most do not have many reviews from clients because they cannot find a useful module. There are many 3rd party services to ask feedback from customers however the monthly cost is quite high and usually does not yield effectively because the content of the reviews is nonexistent on your website so you can take Go a lot of target keywords useful. Take an example from our review: 

We have used zen cart upgrade service from Zucando for our website and we are very happy about what Zucando has to do. Our Website has also been optimized to work fast and smoother. Thank you very much.

Here is a review from our clients, you can see that we have a very good keyword that is "zen cart upgrade service" or you can edit customer review with a better keyword before publish it on your storefront. Details in this example, I can use "zen cart upgrade to latest version". So, as I have presented, once you get a review from your customer, it is extremely positive for your website.

Today, we have just completed a module that allows to display a popup to ask the customers for a review on any zen cart store when they complete their order. A review popup will show on the checkout success page after 3 seconds and customers can easy to write their comment in there.

Review Popup for zen cart

It doesn't have too much effect with new customers. Indeed, new customers often do not know what they will get from your service however if a customer returns to order from your zen cart store, surely 99% they will give you a positive feedback when they complete their order. We've also added this feature to most of the new zen cart templates 2019 and have also added it into the Aggregated Product Reviews for zen cart.

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