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Increase traffic source for your store

Increase traffic source for your store

In my thinking, the best way to increase traffic that is good content and the products have benefits. Indeed, you cannot write or do things that are similar to other websites. Try to focus on good content and traffic will come. 

I've been statistically some simple way below and hope it will be useful for those who are reading this article.  


You must create a blog or write a good content for your products. It's important because you should write your content for humans, not robots. You should try to include your keywords, but if this affects readability or even becomes keyword-stuffing, you’re doing it wrong. Your content must clear and easy to read with big font size. 

Some tips on creating good content which you can learn:

  • Keyword research
  • Write draft
  • Enrich content with media (picture & video)
  • Write custom tags for headline & description
  • Set featured image
  • Publish content
  • Review & update from time to time
  • Repeat


We can use all the social networks in today's world to create a backlink. In other words that simply you share the product URLs to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus... with the hashtag related to your products. In addition, you can search any website that allows you to create a free blog then you use it to copy the title, description from your product and add a URL to your website and you already have an effective back links for that. I have worked this for my ecommerce website in the last year and everything is better in this year with more many sales. 

Some tips on creating good backlinks which you can do:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Tumblr: Share your product URL with some keyword hashtags
  • Wordpress, Blogspot: Create a free blog and create article with all of your product information then add the product URL at the bottom of page.

On Page SEO

If your Zencart store is using a good template that has included all the features and optimizations, you can skip this. You can use Google Lighthouse to check on the effectiveness of on page SEO. 

If your score is too low, you can contact us for advice or a faster way, change your template. If you really love your template, we can help you optimize your zencart store quickly and easily. 

In 2018, we had helped optimize for 6 websites and actually everything was better for our clients.

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