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Facebook Notes: What is it and it's good for SEO?

Hello, everyone!

I'm receiving a project about SEO for a website specializing in selling the products of lock picking. They asked me to try to do to increase traffic to their website and it is a quite difficult problem and I really lack experience in this.

For the optimization problem and solved the errors often occur in reports of SEO companies, I do it pretty easily and that is my specialty!! but increasing website traffic is another problem. There are 2 things to do in this case (My thoughts)

1. Advertising: costs are quite high.
2. Create a lot of backlinks.

Try to imagine. Every day the number of regular users Facebook is 25 billion (maybe higher), of which there will be some people looking for things they need (it is no less). The question is why don't you create backlinks on Facebook. AHA! 

You can create the article on the page facebook fan page, you can also use Facebook Notes to do it. In this article, I want to mention Facebook Notes, why? 

1. Separate URL:

When you successfully added a note in Facebook, you will have a separate URL, like this: https://www.facebook.com/notes/zucando/fitness-free-responsive-zen-cart-15x-templates/2136265383052132/

If you try to open it on a new tab, it will show as a page. Very good! 

2. It has full meta tags for search engines

After I try to do a Facebook note, view source it and I've seen a lot of positive information here

Facebook Notes for SEO

In the picture you can see the title tag and the canonical url tag. 2 this is worth for you to start using Facebook notes in the seo.

I only get an example how to create backlinks for your site. If you have not many free time to do, please feel free to contact us and we will help you with the cheapest price :)