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Neville Verified Buyer August 10 VT, United States
Great work
I have purchased and requested Chu sent me the package however he had said Zen Solr plugin is not available to download because it's a custom module so he had worked on my site and complete it quickly. Awesome service!
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Mitch Verified Buyer January 18 Chicago IL, United States
Remarkable yet affordable - can't say enough
With all the talk of conversion rate optimization for e-commerce very little is said about site search which is remotely different than Internet search. I know from 14 years experience in running e-commerce websites that although you may have a good conversion rate of 5%, site search users tend to convert at between 15% and 25% making it an appliance that pays off from day one. If you pay your due diligence you'll find that enterprise site search typically starts at $300 per month and goes up to $1000 a month or more - forever along with the building of a template that will be another thousand dollars. If you're not familiar with Apache Solr - please Google it. It's an open source platform that is used by companies like Netflix, it's used by NASA. AOL Best Buy Instagram, to name a few sites It will scale big data with Hadoop. (Here's the entire list. Yet Zucando can add Apache Solr For a single one-time fee for less than a single month of subscription enterprise search. There are few no-brainers in E-commerce. This is one of them Zucando has installed Apache Solr on our site Http:// as well as a long list of Zen Cart Plug-ins. Team zucando prings in evey project on time and within budget
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