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Stripe - new API version 2018-02-28

A few days ago, we got an email from John (a customer from Zucando) tell us the Stripe has updated their API and John asked me to update it for Zen Cart. 

If you are a longtime customer from Zucando, you can understand that I do not have much time for upgrading any of the module if it is not much has changed. However, when looking at what Stripe provided in their latest API, I think it really needs an upgrade. 

Say a little about the current version of Zen Cart Stripe module on Zucando. It was perfect but it had a problem before that I had to think a lot of that is the customer must fill out their credit card information on your website and this is a very complex issue. It complexity in aspect if your website was unauthorized access, the attackers can use it to insert malicious code then get all the information about the credit card that the customer has filled in at checkout. 

So in the new version, what is better? Your customers don't need to worry when the website been hacked because all information will be stored and processed with Stripe. It's the same as you use paypal for payment. When you fill out your credit card information, the Stripe will process it and return a string that was encoded to your system and the customer can use that string to pay on the website. 

All transactions will be protected in the new version of the Stripe.

I suggest you download and upgrade it on your site: Zen Cart Stripe Payment Gateway