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Warning!! How to keep your data safe

Yesterday I had a chance to talk to some of my colleagues on the security story for the website and in which there is a story that made me quite a shock is: they asked me want to swap (buy-sell) the customer's credit card? What?? 

I wonder that how the hackers can get the credit card when that most eCommerce websites start switch using Stripe and Paypal. Then I have set out a number of questions about security because as what I know is that when you used the Stripe and Paypal for your website, the credit card was hacked like paypal.com and stripe.com being hacked.

I asked my friend: You buy a credit card from? And the answer is from India and Russia. I understood!! You have to hire people that you truly believe, don't hire them because of their cheap prices. Cheap means loss of customer data and more bad is they can add a script to extract information that customers enter data from your website. Your database is a big amount of hackers.

In addition, if your website has a lot of data (customers, orders, ...), be diligent to change your password once a month.