Hello everyone, it's Chu. I am building a new platform which will help store owners have a better user experience and increase your orders through more useful plugins that are continuously updated and improved. Currently, the project is in beta-testing and we invite you to help us make the platform better. To sign up for a free test account, please email dppdevs@gmail.com

Who We Are


My name is Chu, I am an expert on zencart and web development because I've been working on it since 2005 till now. I have developed a lot of professional modules, and most are the modularity that you must pay to use.

I created the zucando initially to support the store owners have an active website efficiency and solve all the problems that they have and all of my clients are really satisfied, of course I'm happy for that.

To ease the pressure of work each day a lot, I have completed quite a number of modules and you can see here, these modules are completely free to download, some of the other modules you have to pay to use but I am sure you that though the modules free of charge or not, all are very professional.

The last word, if you are sure that you will succeed in your business, then I will also confirm to you that I will help to make your systems run smoothly in a perfect manner. Please try to send your enquiry and I will prove to you that you really right when you choose us.


ZUCANDO, it means "yes, you can do" and this is the first mission that we want you try to do before start to do anything else. Before you start to ask someone to help you tackle the job, you should try to do it with yourself because you probably will succeed. This is an advice from us :).

If you can't do it because you don't have much free time for exploring, don't worry because you can ask us. Unlike you, we specialize in the field of web technologies developed and one of our missions is the how can make the customer may feel most comfortable in building a professional website, deserve every penny they pay.

Finally, if you want to know more about us, please send your request, we will take a look and inform you within 24 hour period. You can submit your request here