Hello everyone, it's Chu. I am building a new platform which will help store owners have a better user experience and increase your orders through more useful plugins that are continuously updated and improved. Currently, the project is in beta-testing and we invite you to help us make the platform better. To sign up for a free test account, please email dppdevs@gmail.com
CKEditor Plugin
CKEditor Plugin

CKEditor Plugin

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CKEditor is one of the more contemporary browser-based editors, and possesses a sleek look while providing a wide array of functionality including validatable code, while still being cross-browser compatible.

This version contains CKEditor 3.2.1 along with a few core stub files to make it available within applicable pages inside your Zen Cart admin.

If you have any problem when install this module, please contact us.

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ella Verified Buyer July 26
well,I like zucando model
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Tony Verified Buyer September 01 Arizona, US
Job was done and works great! This is working very well.
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David Verified Buyer April 05 Massachusetts, United States
CKEditor plugin for Zen Cart,I think my choice is correct,because the store is trustworthy!
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asked by DOMENICO on February 21, 2019
hi, can you upload images to the server? thank you
Staff answered:
Thank you for question. No, you can't upload your image with this plugin.

asked by Chase Holden on April 17, 2014
What does this module do? There is no explanation on the product page.
Staff answered:
Thanks for question! - When you use this module, it will change your text field of products description to editor. You can easy to add a beautiful text for products description when you use it.

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