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Advanced Cross-Sell (X-Sell)
Advanced Cross-Sell (X-Sell)

Advanced Cross-Sell (X-Sell)

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This is an addon module for the cross sell module that allows you to assign up to six xsell products at one time by simply typing in the corresponding products' model numbers into text fields.


  1. Allow unlimited number of product fields instead of only 5.
  2. Accept product id or model as input value.
  3. Clean up table.
  4. Given a list of n products, the mod will go through and cross-sell EACH pair together.

IMPORTANT: This is the VERY different from the way the old cross-sell mod work! As a seller, I realize that when I cross-sell A and B I want the customers to see the product B while they are viewing B and VICE VERSA. With the old cross-sell and the Advanced Cross-Sell mod I had to add A to B then B to A, which is lots of work.

With this mod, if you give it 3 products: A - B - C, it will cross-sell:
A to B, B to A
A to C, C to A
B to C, C to B

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Charlie Verified Buyer September 13 London, United Kingdom
Indispensable for big stores
This module is all about flexibility. You can get almost whatever you want if you just put some thinking into configuring rules. The beautiful thing is, you only have do it once. Set up the rules - and never again will you need to worry about setting up related products listing.
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Ricky Verified Buyer September 03 WA, United States
Good extension Great cust service Needed custom work
Extension looks great and we are very happy with it, may need some custom work for some customers and extension is basic out of the box but with a little tweaking it has come out great and saves us alot of time. Working with zucando was a pleasure and we couldnt fault their help.
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Jin Verified Buyer August 07 , China
I dowloaded and installed the cross sell from zen cart site but it did not work for my site. I tried it again from zucando and it works. Thank you.
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asked by Peter on September 27, 2018
Hallo Is the cross sell module olso working in zencart 1.5.5f ?
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! yes, the cross sell module works fine with any version of zen cart.

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