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The AJAX FAQ module helps you manage a list of frequently asked questions and answers related to your product. You can change the answers and display them outside of the product page. This can save time to answer the questions, because the client can look at the list of available questions and answers and perhaps they will find the answers they need, this will make the site look professional and full of information. You can rely on the information to decide to buy a certain product. This is a module for those who are doing business online.

The common features of the module

  • Shows jQuery Fancy Popup when you click on the link "ask a question"
  • Using AJAX to handle the data once the customers send requests to the server
  • Easily manage questions and answers in the Admin-Customers-FAQ Manager
  • Receive email notification if there is a new question related to your products

You can see the demo when you click "ask a question" above

Reviews (28)
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Ivan Verified Buyer August 07 MN, United States
Very usefull. Simple to configure.
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Anonymous Verified Buyer January 03 Alaska, United States
linda moore
This module works fine with any version of Zen Cart. Thank you for a free module. It works fine on my site...five stars!
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Ashlee Verified Buyer March 13 Illinois, United States
Very easy to use from backend
Since i got a couple of plugins from Zucando i decided to check all their extensions and i found this one; is really useful for my clients to have a FAQ block, i got a couple of emails fom them saying they are really happy about how wasy is to show our answers. I strongly recommend this module since is really free and what you get is a lot of happy clients.
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asked by Me on August 24, 2018
How Does this work?
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! when you send an email, the system will add your message into database and you can show it on frontend if you want.

asked by Dan on October 28, 2016
Can I answer this question via admin panel?
Staff answered:
Yes, you can answer any questions of customers in your admin panel of zen cart. The AJAX FAQ supported that.

asked by JERRY Jason on July 16, 2015
hello, Chu, may we ask a question about your ajax faq model? after installed this mod, it always saids entered the worng code. but actually we typed in correct code. any suggestions? thank you so much.
Staff answered:
Dear Jason,

Thank you for question and sorry for delay. Your email is in our spam so I can not answer your question. I need to check your code on your site in this case because I do not know what your site support.

asked by Tina Parey on December 04, 2014
What does it look?
Staff answered:
You can see it on our product info page.

asked by Harry on November 20, 2014
How can i display the q&a on product page hidden under a button with a popup? Also, it would be better if after submitting the question only the notification that it has been submitted should show not the whole box with the info. Thanks
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! This is a free module, if you want to change anything, please feel free to contact us and we are very happy to send you a quote.

asked by Chun Chen on October 30, 2014
I have installed. but when i click it. it shows error \"The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.\"
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! you should read the readme.txt and try to re-install it again.

asked by tony chang on October 13, 2014
i got a lot of spam, it\'s seem your CAPTCHA not work fine, do you have some more great verify method? such as 9 + three =?
Staff answered:
Thanks for question! We can upgrade this module for you. Please contact me to receive a quote.

asked by tony on October 02, 2014
i want to know does this module compatible zencart 1.38
Staff answered:
Yes - It works fine on all version of zen cart.

asked by chad on March 21, 2014
may we aks if compatible with zc 1.5.1?
Staff answered:
Yes, this module works fine with zen cart 1.5.1

asked by jerry on March 14, 2014
hi, may i ask is it workable with newest zencart?
Staff answered:
Yes, it works perfectly!

asked by Tim Duffy on January 30, 2014
I installed this mod on a zencart 1.51 with numinix css/js loader previously installed and the mod does not function. The link shows on the product info page but so does the form to ask a question, and when the link is clicked the visitor is taken to the home page, no overlay appears. Any idea what I\'ve done wrong or maybe something I didn\'t do?
Staff answered:
Hi Tim,

Thanks for question. Your site has a javascript error so it break the faq form popup.


asked by Richard on January 03, 2014
Hi! I love this module but there are too many spam when I installed it. Any ideas ?
Staff answered:
I have changed from text to image for the captcha. Hope it works fine from now.

asked by Darlene Molden on January 02, 2014
The AJAX FAQ MODULE is a great module however I\'m receiving a lot of spam from it. I was wondering how would I go about adding Google reCAPTCHA to quit getting so much spam. I have added reCAPTCHA but it doesn\'t do anything. Thank you in advance.
Staff answered:
Thanks for question! we will update a new version with the captcha in the future. You can keep track the version via Facebook or Twitter.

asked by tyler tai on November 26, 2013
I just install ajax faq, but when I click Ask a Questions, redirect to main page, how to solve? thanks!
Staff answered:
Maybe your website has a javascript error. You can check using the Firebug addon (an addon of Firefox)

asked by Jude Sudbury on November 14, 2013
Hi, Does the ajax faq work if I do not use the css/js loader module ?
Staff answered:
Thanks for question! if you do not use the CSS/JS Loader module, you need have to change the code of the AJAX FAQ. However we would like to suggest you should use the CSS/JS Loader for your website because it can increase your page load speed.

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