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Banners Multiple Effects
Banners Multiple Effects

Banners Multiple Effects




Banners Multiple Effects help for your website easily communicate important information to visitors and create more beautiful effects when changing from banners to banners.

Easy to install

yes, it's very easy to install, without any changes to the core files of Zen Cart. You just upload the files in the package that you downloaded to the destination folder on your server.

Easy to use

For most of the modules from zucando, we programmed how users can easily use. For this module, you logged into admin and go to the "tools-banner management" and created a new group, called: "bme" then you can create a new banner with that group.

If you do not want to use a new group and you want to use the group that you created earlier, don't worry because you can do it. Go to "Configuration-Banners Multiple Effects" and change "Banner Group" to your group name.

Increase or decrease the timeout

Very easy, go to "Your admin - Configuration - Banners Multiple Effects" and change the timeout that you want. The default is 3s (3000)

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asked by Ray Randell on March 02, 2014
Hi - I\'ve downloaded and installed this module but it appears to be missing the jquery files called by loader_banners_multiple_effects.php. There is no jquery folder in the zipped archive, and these files are missing: jquery/jquery-1.10.2.min.js jquery/jquery.cycle2.min.js jquery/jquery.cycle2.tile.min.js jquery/jquery_banners_multiple_effects.js
Staff answered:
Thank you for question, I have fixed and you can download it right now.

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