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Camera Slideshow For Zen Cart
Camera Slideshow For Zen Cart

Camera Slideshow For Zen Cart

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This plugin will allow you to set up a slideshow banners on your online store.

The camera slideshow has a lot of nice effects so it will do your layout becomes more beautiful because it works very smooth. In addition, it also supports responsive so you don't need to worry if you're using responsive template.

The common features

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to config
  • Supports multiple effects
  • Supports CSS responsive
  • Display pagination, buttons: stop, play, next, previous
Reviews (11)
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Anonymous Verified Buyer August 16 Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Super banner
Easy to install easy and fast, looks great. Thanks for this plugin
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Tim Verified Buyer August 18 UT, United States
Easy to use and efficient
I have installed some minutes and it looks amazing on the zen cart responsive template. The effects are very nice and I love it! Thank you for a good free module.
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Bear Verified Buyer March 20 Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
The coolest plugin ever!
I downloaded the slideshow plugin after reading their product description, where they showed some tips how to use the mod. I applied a few at my store, a banner on cart page and on category page, and am very glad! According to GA the number of returning customers has increased by 15% in 1,5 month. Surprisingly high.. thank you Zucando!
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asked by stephanie brown on October 24, 2015
Hi Which file and where do i add this code:_?php require($template-_get_template_dir(\'tpl_modules_camera_slideshow.php\',DIR_WS_TEMPLATE, $current_page_base,\'templates\'). \'/tpl_modules_camera_slideshow.php\'); ?_ Many thanks Steph
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! You can add it into your home page. The path is includes/templates/your_template/templates/tpl_index_default.php

asked by Crystal Jones on July 19, 2015
I them getting ready to purchase the product quick view & products comparison modules. I will not be installing the CSS/JS Loader module as I find it interferes with other modules. I previously required with you as to how to install your modules without having to install the CSS/JS Loader module, and you indicated that there might be versions you have available which don\'t require the CSS/JS Loader module. Please confirm that this is true, and I can make these purchases immediately..
Staff answered:
Dear Crystal,

Sorry for delay, your email is in my spam folder, I do not know why. For this, if you do not want to use the css/js loader, you need to add jscript_ into all javascript files. Regarding css, you must add stylesheet_.

Example: jscript_jquery.1.8.3.js or stylesheet_quick_view.css

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