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Google Transparency Report
Google Transparency Report

Google Transparency Report

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Making the web a safer place

Two of the biggest threats online are malicious software (known as malware) that can take control of your computer, and phishing scams that try to trick you into sharing passwords or other private information.

So in 2006 we started a Safe Browsing program to find and flag suspect websites. This means that when you are surfing the web, we can now warn you when a site is unsafe. We are currently flagging up to 10,000 sites a day and because we share this technology with other browsers there are about 1 billion users we can help keep safe.

But we are always looking for new ways to protect users security. So today we are launching a new section on our Transparency Report that will shed more light on the sources of malware and phishing attacks. You can now learn how many people see Safe Browsing warnings each week, where malicious sites are hosted around the world, how quickly websites become reinfected after their owners clean malware from their sites, and other tidbits we have surfaced.

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Gabrielle Verified Buyer April 01 Tennessee, United States
Simple but good
Great plugin and works as described.
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asked by chaim on January 18, 2017
What exactly is this plugin for? Backend? frontend? what will it show?
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! you can go to our product page then see the right side and you will see what it works. If your site hosted on a malware server, you will see the warning.

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