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Product Image Zoom
Product Image Zoom

Product Image Zoom

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The product image zoom module helps your main image box looks great with jQuery zoom. The user can mouse-over the image and the larger image view of that particular area shows up on the screen next to the main image (user can magnify a specific part of the image without having to open the images in a new window). Also, all images under "More Views" load on the product page itsef and make use of the localized zoom function of the extension. Installation will take approximately 5 minutes.

If you want to this module works with the additional images, you will need have to change the zen cart code so that when users click any additional image, the main image will replace with that additional image and when you hover it, the zoom will be apply.

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Delete Verified Buyer April 18 LA, United States
Amazing effect
This plugin shows amazing effect for my products. It's easy to install and highly recommended for everybody.
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Kelsey Verified Buyer October 18 Alberta, Canada
Easy install
I need this module to create a great effect for main image and I see it on zucando. The image zoom plugin is very easy to install and it works fine on all browsers when I tested. Thank you.
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Brown Verified Buyer June 02 Alaska, United States
Very smooth
This module works very smooth and easy to install. Zucando does not set up any configuration in the admin because they want to simplify for users and I really appreciate that because I never change the configuration of any of the zen cart modules if it works just as I expect lol
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asked by Maninder Punn on January 31, 2014
This query is about your module Product Image Zoom. The instruction says replacing a code - But this code is hashed out in the original file templates/tpl_modules_main_product_image.php Do we need to hash out the popup image code? Find: zen_image(addslashes($products_image_medium), addslashes($products_name), MEDIUM_IMAGE_WIDTH, MEDIUM_IMAGE_HEIGHT) - Replace: zen_image(addslashes($products_image_medium), addslashes($products_name), MEDIUM_IMAGE_WIDTH, MEDIUM_IMAGE_HEIGHT, \'data-zoom-image=\"\' . $products_image_large . \'\"\')
Staff answered:
Hi Maninder,

Thanks for question! If you are using the image popup, you need have to compare the code and replace it.

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