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Simple SEO URLs
Simple SEO URLs

Simple SEO URLs

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We have fixed some bugs to simple SEO URL (SSU) can work well on newest version of Zen Cart. For some reason, the Rubik Integration had not continued to develop this module again. We recognize that this is a great module and it may be useful for a lot of people are using Zen Cart. We recommend that you use this module if your site has a lot of data.

Simple Seo Url (SSU) is a FREE Superior Url Optimization module for Zencart. It changes dynamic URLs to static and well-structured SEO friendly formats, allows store owners to FULLY customize the stores' urls to increase readability, avoid duplicated content issue.

Below is the brief list of features that SSU offers:

Converts ZenCart links to SEO links

Converts all ZenCart created links into User Friendly links (this includes all links created by zencart add-ons as well)

Contact us:
www.example.com/contact_us (or site.com/contact_us.ext where ext is the extension you choose)

Add keywords into links for SEO and Readability

Product info page:

A manufacturer link:

It works for any module that uses ZenCart's function to create links.

As of version 3+, SSU allows you to add keywords into any links you want, be it a manufacturer link, an ez-page link, a product review link, or any type of link you want. You can write your own plugin to add keywords into your links.

As of version 3.6.0+ SSU can remove all the identifiers and ids from links automatically. It is also capable of creating a well-structured category urls:
www.example.com/cars/toyota/corrola (cars and toyota are category and sub-category while corrola is the product)

Supports safe changes of URLs

If any page receives new URL due to change in the content, all older URLs still work and the web browser or crawler is redirected through HTTP 301 Moved Permanently to the new URL.

www.example.com/your-category-name/ to www.example.com/your-new-category-name/

Supports redirections from ALL original ZenCart URLs

www.example.com/index.php?mainpage=index&cPath=2 to www.example.com/category-name/

Verifies and validates each URL

1. If the user/visitor makes any mistake in the URL, SSU will redirect them to the correct page.

www.example.com/your-wrong-category-name-c-1/ to www.example.com/your-category-name-c-1/

Please note that this feature is only available if you don't use auto-alias (in other words, it is only available if you leave the product, category ids in the links)

2. Given the product_id in the link, SSU will find out the exact category tree this product should belong to.

3. Given the category_id in the link, SSU will find out the exact category tree this category should belong to.

4. Several modules are known to use the wrong product type to generate product links, SSU will get the correct product type for all product links. This is VERY IMPORTANT to get the correct layout for the product info page.

Prevents possible duplicate content penalties – no duplicate content available on the different URLs

Usually in ZenCart, a product_info link can contain both cPath and products_id. However, if the cPath is incorrect or is not there, ZenCart doesn't care at all, it still displays the page just fine. SSU will redirect the users to the correct link (by finding out the correct cPath of the product). In case of linked products, SSU also takes this into account as well.

Prevents home page content penalties

www.example.com/?, www.example.com/index.php and www.example.com/index.php? will be www.example.com only!

Multi-Language support

Starting from 3.2+, SSU provides a full blown multi-language support solution for site that uses more than 1 language, your links will now look like this:(with multi-language enabled in admin)


You can also write your own name parser for your language and simply plug it in. This allow you to use SSU for ANY language you want!!!!

Supports unlimited Products Types

SSU properly handles all the default and any additional product types you may have.

Link Alias

An exciting feature, it allows store owners to create “aliases” of their current links, a very good example is:

can be changed to:

This features allow you to tweak your links ANY WAY you want!!!!

Optimized Caching

SSU was designed with performance in mind, and it uses various caching techniques to reduce the server load as much as possible.


You can write plugins for it, you can tweak it however you want. You don't have to rely on anyone to make the changes you want, you have full ownership of it. If you ever need Free or Commercial support, feel free to contact us.

Reviews (35)
4.94 out of 5 stars See all 35 reviews Write Review

Emlyn Verified Buyer July 16  Western Cape, South Africa
Wow! Great communication and installed in no time. I recommend Simple SEO and paying for installation. Thanks Chu!
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Elvis Verified Buyer September 12 shenzhen, China
works well
This seo urls module is good and useful and works well, but if you have problems, the support is top notch! So highly recommend module.
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
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Arnold Verified Buyer September 05 Florida, United States
Best SEO URLs for Zen Cart
It's working fine on zen cart 1.5.5f. Thanks a lot for such an useful module.
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asked by Emlyn on July 16, 2019
Is Simple SEO plugin compatible with Zencart v1.56? Thanks Emlyn
Staff answered:

asked by John Sephontaine on February 05, 2019
Can I use it with zencart on these versions of php: php 5.2 and php 5.3.
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! It works well with any version of Zen Cart and PHP.

asked by Raj Kumar on December 12, 2018
Is it compatible with the zencart 1.5.5f?
Staff answered:
Yes sure.

asked by giancarlo on November 30, 2016
Hi, WE HAVE installed the simple SEO module, but had to Things that should be: 1- Static pages are not translated, Example on page conditions in Italian would be "condizioni" 2- i LINK products are too long Example: www.exemple.com/categoria/subcategoria/prodotto It should be a link with rate: www.exemple.com/prodotto Pending a cordial greeting
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! the simple seo urls can translate your urls.

asked by giancarlo casciani on November 23, 2016
is compatible for zen cart 139? Thanks
Staff answered:
Yes, it can work with any version of Zen Cart.

asked by Daniel Lopez on September 13, 2016
I added Simple SEO URLS and when I change it to true so that it will change the URLS it gives me a 404 error
Staff answered:
THank you for question! in this case, I think you had missed a few things when install it. If you need any help from me, please let me know so that I can review it for you. The simple seo urls is a good module for zen cart.

asked by Andy Prentice on August 25, 2016
Hi Chu, I own and have run a fairly active ZenCart store for over 8 years now - www.plussizedclothing.com.au We are wanting to install the Simple SEO URLs Plugin. We currently use ZenCart v1.5.4. We have a web developer who has helped create our store and a lot of custom code has been used on the website to make it what we needed it to be. We just want to make sure that if we install this plugin that it won't conflict with anything. We want to pay the fee of $20 to get you to install it for us if that is ok? We do also have another question. We used to use either your module or Ultimate SEO URLs (I can't actually remember now) a few years ago but we did a huge overhaul of our website and in the process decided against using one of these modules. Our web developer is very passionate about the fact that having SEO optimised URLs has absolutely no impact on google rankings anymore. We have been contacted by SEO companies though advising us that we should implement SEO Friendly URLs to improve our rankings. I would appreciate your opinion on this given that you created a module for it. I'm not sure if it was your module or the Ultimate SEO URLs one that we previously used but it caused havoc when we were doing updates to ZenCart which is the reason we abandoned using it a few years ago. Will there be any issues with updates to ZenCart if we do install your module? Can you please get back to us asap as we are looking to move forward with getting you to install it for us. Our web developer has been extremely helpful with everything that we have asked him to do on our website for a few years now but he has said if we want to go ahead with an SEO URLs module then we are on our own with it but we need to let him know before it is installed so that he can do a full backup first. Also, if you have any other modules that you think would be of a real benefit to make our website more SEO friendly then please let us know what you recommend. Thanks for your time and I'm looking forward to hearing back from you, Andy
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! the simple seo urls works fine on all of zen cart site. It only has a hardcoded in the html_output.php so you don't need to worry about the zen cart upgrade in the future.

asked by Louis Lapac on July 14, 2016
Hi , we are just trying to install this module but it generates HTTP 500 errors. We have checked and our server has Apache with mod_rewrite enabled. Is this a common problem. We don't mind getting you guys to install it if you think you can get around this ? Cheers Louis
Staff answered:
Thank you for question Louis. When you have a 500 error, it related to your code, not from mod_rewrite or from your hosting. You must check the code.

asked by Tilen Koren on January 28, 2016
In the old versions, you had a button where you could manually create an alias, not just edit the existing ones. I can\'t seem to find that in this new version. Example: We all have the additional Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 in the ZenCart, but if I decide to rename the Page 2 into \"Happy Tree Friends\" (via language and template code editing), I cannot change the URL (alias) of Page 2 from mysite.com/page_2/ into mysite.com/happy-tree-friends/ . Or can I? :)
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! We had supported it in the new version of simple seo urls. Please try again.

asked by René on January 16, 2016
Hi there, I have a zen-cart shop (www.dynamitemagic.nl) and do not have SEO url\'s yet implemented. I do use google adwords and metatags and want to get the maximum out of my shop. Can you arrange installing (and testing) the SEO url\'s? I assume you do backups first and/or do you recommend any other services/plugins I should use also? Also is it safe (I have a shop with over 4000 products) and does it support 301 redirect for all the \"old\" links which are still around. It will get better in google when I have this enabled. right? Hope to hear from you soon! René Dynamite Magic Shop.com
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! When you want to use the simple seo urls for your store, you need to purchase the installation service and we will install it without any issues. You do not need to worry about anything :)

asked by dominique thomas on November 20, 2015
hello i whant simple seo urls in this site http://www.autoprestige-tuning.com/ french but is possible whit .html not same you merci i whait your answer
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! Currently the simple seo urls does not support .html for the URLs.

asked by Pat on November 15, 2015
Hello: I have followed the steps to install Simple SEO ULRs but nothing shows under the configuration menu. Do I need to run this sql anywhere \"simple_seo_url.sql\" Thanks
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! There are some error sql in your configuration table. You must remove/clear them before run the install.sql from simple seo url friendly.

asked by amir on June 01, 2015
Hi, I need assistance for Simple Seo installation but what is Css Js Loader?
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! CSS/JS Loader is a good module, it helps your site loads page better and faster. I suggest you should install it.

asked by warren on May 26, 2015
Hello, can this module be used with a store running Zen Cart Multi-site module. thx
Staff answered:
Dear Warren, thank you for question! Yes, it can work on any version of zen cart.

asked by Kylo Konechny on May 11, 2015
Hello, I am currently using Zen Cart V1.5.1, will this work with my current version? Also, will this automatically change my URL\'s? I currently have around 2,000 products listed on my webpage so I don\'t want to manually change each URL. Also, if I select the \"Help Me Install\" option, what does this include? Does someone actually help me install it or does it just provide the step by step instructions? Thanks in advance for your help. Kylo
Staff answered:
Dear Kylo, thank you for question!

#1. Yes, it works on any of zen cart version.

#2. Yes, it will automatically change your URLs

#3. Yes, we will install and fix any problem.

asked by John Sephontaine on April 19, 2015
Hello. Can I use this with php 5.4. I have problem with this. I installed this correctly without any errors in logs. The url adress was changed correctly, but is still open home page (like a redirect loop to home page). |f I click on cattegory or product page I cannot redirected right with this. I searched some information about this problem in support thread for this module, but I cant find any helping solution. Can you please help me with it. Thank you
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! You need to install it on real hosting instead localhost.

asked by Kyle Morley on April 14, 2015
Hello, I installed this module correctly and the urls were mostly correctly changed. However, a large amount of links on my site now result in a 404 page. This is a huge problem and I am losing orders because of it. http://ecocateringsupply.com/
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! I think you should re-check your .htaccess on your server. If you need anything else, please let me know.

Best Regards,


asked by Admir on January 30, 2015
Hello, does this module work in ZenCart 1.5.4? Thank you Admir
Staff answered:
Yes, the simple seo urls works fine on all verions of zen cart.

asked by SxOne on January 27, 2015
Hi, i have a problem installing this module, i\'ve read that its perfect, but after installing it (with your install guide) i dont get it in Configuration menu. i\'m using Zen-Cart v1.5.1 when i try latest ZC version, i get white page in admin login.. please help Thanks
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! your admin have a few problems when you install the previous modules. You need to fix this in your phpmyadmin.

asked by miraç türkdeniz on January 21, 2015
Dear Sir, Simle seo module supported zencard version 1.5.4 ? I
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! Yes, it works fine on all of zen cart version.

asked by Danielle Burgi on December 05, 2014
Has this module been tested with Zen-Cart 1.5.3? Thank you!
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! Yes, it works fine on all versions of Zen Cart.

asked by Clay on September 19, 2014
To upgrade from an older version do we just overwrite whats there after taking a backup of our site of course?
Staff answered:
Thanks for question! you only need to upload the package to your site and done.

asked by Colin Chase on August 19, 2014
If we utilize Zucando Simple SEO URLs for Zen Cart, what happens to all of the existing indexed links? Meaning that if we use this product to change this URL: http://example.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=2 To this URL: http://example.com/2D-Blue-Zoo-baby-bedding-crib-fabric-1-yard What happens to all the links still coming in from the original URL (http://example.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=2 )??? As this is indexed in Google and linked to from other websites. Does this plug-in utilize 301 Redirects (storing them in the htaccess file or elsewhere) so that the index points to the new URL permanently??? This is crucial to maintain current ranking, while using the new SEO-friendly URL to improve ranking. Make sense? How does this work so that 404 Page Not Found\'s do not occur? Thanks, Colin
Staff answered:
Thanks for question! The simple seo url will automatic change the default URLs to the friendly URLs and it will redirect with status 301. I suggest you should install a dev site then install this module on your dev site and test it.

asked by John on February 08, 2014
I have a website: www.thehandbagstudio.com when i point or even click on an item the link for that product is a total mess. I was told that simple seo urls will help fix these issues. Am i to assume this is correct? Please have a look at what i am talking about and give me your input. Thank you John Thehandbagstudio.com
Staff answered:
Thanks for question. When you use SSU, your URL is from


Best Regards,


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