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Socials Login
Socials Login
Socials Login
Socials Login

Socials Login

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Socials Login is a free zen cart module created by zucando. It helps for your customers can login quickly into the system with a single mouse click. This will reduce waiting time as well as customers do not have to remember so many passwords on multiple sites.

The way it works is very simple. When customers click on the facebook, google, yahoo, live, linkedin, they will be moving to the social website, enter their email and password then the social networking site brings up their email address for your website. The system will check if their email is in your system, then the login is successful. Is it cool ?

The common features:

  • No need to remember password that can still log on to the website through social networking sites.
  • Log on to the system quickly by 1 mouse click
  • Easy to install
  • Friendly interface, easy to use
  • We currently have supported: Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Live, LinkedIn.
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Ayan Verified Buyer September 03 FL, United States
The best support
Couldn't be happier with the zen cart plugin and the support provided by Chu.
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Luke Verified Buyer May 08 Sydney, Australia
Great module
I have a few issues when creating the Facebook application and Google application, Zucando had supported very well. Thank you.
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Ken Verified Buyer April 06 N/A, China
very good
I have used on all social plugin successfuly intergrade with zencart. Job done! Anyway, Thanks for the reply. Your plugin must also very good!
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asked by Marcin Pelczar on February 02, 2017
Hello, I am owner of this shop based on Zen cart: http://magnetcards.pl/ version: v1.5.0 But i have a lof of personalized changes on this shop. It is not very easy to install something new now. Are you able to install this for me? Of course I will pay for this help. What is most important? Thanks for answer Marcin +48 608 818 725
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! you can purchase this service and checkout. When you complete your order, you can send me your info (FTP/ADMIN). Please let me know if you need anything else.

asked by vasudev on October 25, 2016
social media login not support to zencart 1.39 with php 5.3 . please let me know ,what need to do
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! you must install correctly and it should be work! If you have any issues when install it, please feel free to contact us.

asked by engbok on August 10, 2016
Hi, This is my second message. I have installed your plug in, admin page and store front appearance is good. But as mentioned before, I am not able to setup the facebook and google log in. Facebook login: I have created Apps ID, Apps Secret, choose "Yes" for Client OAuth Login & Web OAuth Login. Valid OAuth redirect URIs=http://mmo.net.my/storev3/index.php?main_page=socials_login&id=facebook Apps was set "Live" I realized I can log in with facebook if client have manually created the account with my website before, i.e. facebook log in works for those who already have account with my store. However If the client don't have an account with us, it will return as "Error: Sorry, there is no match for your email address." Wasn't it suppose to create an account with facebook login? Thanks
Staff answered:
For the facebook, you must request a permission from them. Read FacebooK API. This is login function, not support for the register so customers must registered on your site then you can use this module to login.

asked by ken on August 06, 2016
will this work with version 1.5.5a?
Staff answered:
Yes. It works on all of version.

asked by Paolo De Dionigi on February 11, 2016
Hello, I'd like to use Socials Login on a website which is on a server which runs php 5.3 I saw that the plugin uses facebook sdk v 4 which requires php 5.4+ I know the need to upgrade php version, but the website is huge, we're building a nw machine to test the site on a new, upgraded, environment, but this will take some time. So, for now, we're looking for a version of your plugin that can be used with php 5.3 Have you a version available for php 5.3? I saw that facebook sdk 3.2.3 could be used since api call should be the same, but I don't know how to switch them in you code. Could you please help me? Thank you.
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! Facebook had upgraded their API so it only can work with PHP 5.4. Sorry about this.

asked by Adrian on September 22, 2015
Hello, I already have public_profile, email and user_friends login permissions in my facebook app, but the login doesn\'t work. After I allow access to the app when trying to login I keep getting redirected to my website login page. What can I do? I can\'t find any logs either.
Staff answered:
You must sure your Facebook app is configured correctly.

asked by Adrian Borz on September 20, 2015
Hi, I cannot get the plugin to work for Facebook. I added the app id and secret in the zencart admin menu but when I try to log in on the website, I get asked for permission to access my Facebook profile and I accept it, I keep getting redirected to the login page and never actually get logged in.
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! Facebook had updated their API so you must add the permission for the login on Facebook. When they approved your request, you can use this module.

asked by Bruce on April 26, 2015
hi,friend how do u do, i am a user zencart from china. i use your social login thisplugins, after i install it . i can only find \"If you are a member of facebook or google or yahoo, you can login to our system by clicking on the icon below\" facebook and yahoo login images weblink cant seen. whats probmes?can u help me,thanks
Staff answered:
Here you are:
.sl-google, .sl-yahoo, .sl-facebook, .sl-live, .sl-linkedin {background-image: url(../images/zucando-socials-login.png); background-repeat:no-repeat;width: 37px;height: 37px; display: inline-block;}
.sl-google {background-position: -150px 0;}
.sl-yahoo {background-position: -705px 0;}
.sl-facebook {background-position: -76px 0;}
.sl-live {background-position: -261px 0;}
.sl-linkedin {background-position: -224px 0;}

asked by giancarlo on April 13, 2015
There willow, giancarlo always, a question of social login, in which the customer enters with the social login, automatically creates a customer profile on DB zen cart? you can make a query to install it on zen 139? thanks
Staff answered:
When customers registered on your site and they can use the socials to login back. When they click on the socials button, the socials will return their email address and we will use that email to query into your database. If the email address is valid, login successfully. Hope you can understand.

asked by Julian Klenda on March 18, 2015
is there a monthly subscription?
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! We do not support it at this time. Please check later. Thank you.

asked by jackie on October 24, 2014
When i tried to sign in with facebook, it prompted \"The parameter app_id is required\" What it mean?
Staff answered:
Thanks for question! you need to create a facebook app.

asked by Alejandro Molero on July 17, 2014
I installed this and worked ok for facebook but when click on yahoo it ask to agree from yahoo and then bring back to login page of my website so it is not loggin in. How I can fix this? On live site it shows Google, Facebook, Yahoo but in admin it shows Facebook, yahoo and Live why?
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! Regarding the yahoo problem, I think you need to create a right app. Regarding the Google problem, currently Google is stop to support oAuth 2.0 so we will update the Google login in the future.

asked by Erwin on March 05, 2014
Hi, I want to use the socials login for zen cart and install it with myself. Can you support it if I have any problem ? Thanks
Staff answered:
Thanks for question! If you find any bug for this module, we will fix it for free. We have an installation service and if your problem is not bug of module, we do not support it.

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