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Twitter Product Card
Twitter Product Card
Twitter Product Card
Twitter Product Card

Twitter Product Card

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The Product Card is a great way to represent retail items on Twitter, and to drive sales. This Card type is designed to showcase your products via an image, a description, and allow you to highlight two other key details about your product.

These fields are strings and can be used to show the price, list availability, list sizes, etc. This will require adding some new markup tags to your pages, which we will cover below.

Share your product and this is what you will see on Twitter!!



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Bun Verified Buyer March 26 Georgia, United States
Very usefull. Simple to configure.
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Sadie Verified Buyer September 28 Ontario, Canada
it works
Works as described. Easy to install and use. Thanks.
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Owen Verified Buyer April 13 Liverpool, United Kingdom
It's funny!
When I install this module on my site, I do not sure it works because the zucando document is very simple @@ however it works!! Only need to read and do, that is what they said (great). In addition they also supported and helped me a lot in the installation without any cost whatsoever. Very impressive.
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asked by simple on May 16, 2014
Hello. i have been reading reviews on twitter product card, and also tried to make it work on my site, unsuccessfully so far, because keep getting invalid card type error. Based on this reviews i believe there is a step or two missing in your installation instructions and here are my questions. 1. do i need to specifically allow twitterbot on my robots.txt ? 2. do i need to add an additional twitter button under product,(if i have addthis installed) 3. do i need to copy the generated by https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards/validation/validator code into my store meta? 4. am i validating a one certain product url from my site, or the url to my store? thanks!
Staff answered:
If you do correct in the readme.txt, it will work.

asked by Tenaya Dew on January 02, 2014
I am trying to use this mod but the installation instructions are very vague. How do one set it up in zen cart admin and does it automatically update the products when I add new ones or do I have to change the page manually?
Staff answered:
Thanks for question! when users share products with others on twitter, twitter will show your products with the details (as shown in the description of our products). You need to do is install this module and validate with twitter.

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