Hello everyone, it's Chu. I am building a new platform which will help store owners have a better user experience and increase your orders through more useful plugins that are continuously updated and improved. Currently, the project is in beta-testing and we invite you to help us make the platform better. To sign up for a free test account, please email dppdevs@gmail.com
Want It Button
Want It Button
Want It Button
Want It Button

Want It Button

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Increase Sharing

The WANT button is the preeminent action button for commerce and naturally attracts higher click rates than Like, Pin, and +1.

Improve Exposure

Every item added via the WANT button is posted to Timeline, Newsfeed, and Ticker where it on average receives 97 impressions.

Gain Referral Traffic

The WANT button is more powerful and influential to a shopper's friends, leading to double the click-through rates compared with Like.

Retarget Shoppers

Reach back out to shoppers through their Facebook notifications for FREE. This brand new marketing channel has zero competition resulting in over 70% click-through rates.

Boost Conversion

The WANT button counter acts as social proof that a product is coveted, giving prospective shoppers more assurance to buy now.

Powerful Analytics

All WANT button activity is measured and available for retailers to use. Gain insight into which products your sites visitors have the most purchase intent, which products attract the most click-throughs from friends on Facebook, and how many shoppers converted into buyers.

Reviews (2)
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Erwin Verified Buyer January 15 alkmaar, netherlands
Potentionly good but...
same message as Omar. Just a blank page in FB. No list
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Omar Verified Buyer January 14 The Hague, The Netherlands
Great product but.. !
It's great product but I couldn't understand the use of it ! So .. - when I clicked on the button Want "to test " it opened the login page for facebook, So I logen in. - On my facebook notification I found notification from WANT Button: thanks for joining Want! - Now If I click on that message I stay on my facebook but with a blank page in the middle ! why is that ? is it from the script or from facebook, I was expecting to see a list of products that I clicked on their Want button but that didn't happen !
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