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Wishlist 2.0 for Zen Cart 1.5.x
Wishlist 2.0 for Zen Cart 1.5.x

Wishlist 2.0 for Zen Cart 1.5.x

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A Wish List is a personalised list of all the things you or your organisation would love to own.

Friends, family and benefactors can look at the list and use it to purchase the perfect present.

Create your Wish List

As soon as you register with website you'll be able to create your own Wish List. To add items, browse the website and when you find something you'd like to receive, click the "Add to Wish List" button, which you'll see your product when go to wishlist manager page. You'll be asked to name your new list and confirm the privacy setting for it. You'll then be prompted to add further information to your Wish List.

Search for Wish Lists

You can also search for other Wish Lists. Just use the search box on the Wish List page to find who you're looking for by name or e-mail address. To do that, you only need to go your account page, click 'wishlist manager' and you can enter the wishlist that you want to find, very easy.

Send your Wish List

You can email your wishlist to anyone that you want them to buy the item and donate to you. You can send your wishlist on holidays or birthdays. Your friends will easily give the decision because they know all the products in your wishlist are all the products that you are interested in.

Reviews (9)
4.67 out of 5 stars See all 9 reviews Write Review

Diptimoy Verified Buyer February 06
one of the best
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Tom Verified Buyer January 31 NJ, USA
Very buggy
Needs to be reworked for 1.5.5. It don't work as advertised for 1.5.5. From Zucando Staff: Thank you for your review. This module works fine for all versions of Zen Cart. If you need to support for the installation, please let us know. Thank you.
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Carol Verified Buyer November 01 New Jersey, USA
Doesn't respond to questions
Does not respond to questions about product. Because of that I can't use it. From Zucando: I don't see your questions in this module :) In addition, this module works fine without any issues. Best Regards, Chu
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asked by Makesha DeVita on June 01, 2019
I am running zen cart 1.56a with PHP 5.6 (I was running 7.0 but rolled it back) and I am having a hard time getting the sql to install. When I paste it in and click send it tells me warning an error occurred. This is the error that I am getting in the log: [01-Jun-2019 00:17:07 America/Chicago] Request URI: /shop/bLess-yLi-Bloom/sqlpatch.php?action=execute, IP address: Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't usually have any issues with installing modules so this one is throwing me for a loop.
Staff answered:
How to contact you when you're using a fake email?

asked by Rich in Minnesota on September 19, 2016
Two quick questions - will your product work on ZenCart 1.5.4? Will it work with COWOA installed? Thanks
Staff answered:
Hi Rich, thank you for question! Yes it works with any version of Zen Cart and works fine with COWOA too!

asked by Pippin Michelli on January 06, 2015
Would like to see a review, but the demo button did not lead to a demo of the wishlist. Question - what is the CSS JS installer \"required install?\" Is it possible to install without it?
Staff answered:
Dear Pippin,

Thank you for question! The wishlist can not work if you do not use the css/js loader. Regarding the demo site, we will review it soon and let you know.

asked by RJ Spomer on April 02, 2014
The wish button takes me to shopping cart. I have tried the script in the readme text and also the one in the example php file. zencart v 1.5.1
Staff answered:
If you do everything right, it will work fine.

asked by Howard on February 05, 2014
1. Does not work with zencart 1.3.9? 2. Does it support attributes in wishlist? e.g. customer would like to add a style and particular color and size to his wishlist. Thanks in advance.
Staff answered:
Thank you for question.

1. It works fine for 1.3.9.
2. It supports the attributes too.

You can download and try to install.

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