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Zen Cart Installation Third Party Modules
Zen Cart Installation Third Party Modules

Zen Cart Installation Third Party Modules



If you are using Zen Cart for your online business, then you must also know that the installation module for zen cart is often a difficult job. Why ?

For some modules, the installation is really easy because there are some modules do not need to change the default structure of the zen cart. With the other modules, changing the data structure is required because the modules work only when you change the default structure of the zen cart so when installing the module you will have to more or less understand about programming knowledge include html/css or javascript.

We have a lot of experience and have installed most of all important modules should have the Zen Cart stores. You only need to enter the name of the module that you want to install, then make a payment. After your payment is successfully, we will proceed to install your module within 24 hours since your order was created. If there are any problems, we will contact you to make sure everything is perfect.

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