Hello everyone, it's Chu. I am building a new platform which will help store owners have a better user experience and increase your orders through more useful plugins that are continuously updated and improved. Currently, the project is in beta-testing and we invite you to help us make the platform better. To sign up for a free test account, please email dppdevs@gmail.com
Zen Cart Upgrade
Zen Cart Upgrade

Zen Cart Upgrade

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For any platform which you're using, the upgrade version is extremely important. A new version of zen cart usually releases when there is a security error that the hackers can exploit. This is very dangerous because each e-commerce website has the use of various payment gateway. Therefore upgrading the version for Zencart is essential to do if you do not want not good things to happen for your website. At Zucando, we check all of your current codes, upgrade it and make it better. 

Let our professional programmers make the transition smoothly by ensuring that all of your currently installed modules work with the latest version. We'll not only update your files and database to the latest version, but also reinstall and/or update your current Zen Cart modules and plugins to their latest versions.

We will start the work by creating a dev site on your server with the cost free, then we will proceed with upgrade work and once everything is perfect, we will send it to you to check one last time. When you agree to everything, we'll start moving the dev site to your live site.

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Erik Verified Buyer August 09
As a customer since 2008, Mr. Chu has provided the best services you can trust.
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Leon Verified Buyer July 10 San Francisco, California, United States
Very pleased
We have been very happy with Chu's work on our Zen Cart upgrade, and would recommend his services to others. Thank you, Chu!
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Hartmut Verified Buyer March 21
Ich bin mit dem Service sehr zu frieden. Daher lassen ich auch meinen zweiten Shop updaten.
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asked by vasilis on May 13, 2019
I want to order 2 plugins from you, the upgrade module to update to the latest version, I want to ask you if 100 euros is the total price of the update even if my store is heavily modified. The second plugin is the one page checkout, its 75 with installation? Kind regards
Staff answered:
Thank you for question. If your site is using too many modify with the core files, we will charge extra a few hours. The one page checkout is 75 USD included installation service.

asked by Mary on September 14, 2018
Can you advise the cost for an update from 1.5.0 to the latest version of zen cart. having minor issues and hope this helps
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! You can see the price is 100 USD on our product. If you need anything else, please let me know.

asked by albert prano on August 19, 2018
Hi, I would like to upgrade my Zen Cart store from 1.5.3 to the newest version. I would like someone to do it for me. Is that the service that you provide for the $100 ? Is that the total cost? Will product URL's change? Could it hurt my SEO?
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! Yes, my zen cart upgrade service is 100 USD from 1.5x to latest version. I will create a dev site on your site, upgrade on it and show you once I'm completed it. We will move to your live site once you're approved it.

asked by Nike on August 10, 2018
Hello I need to upgrade my website. I have a homepage design i want for my website. In short what I am looking for is a responsive template that can be customised with my homepage design. kindly let me know if you can do this.
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! we can do anything from your request. Regarding your question, we can do it. Please let me know details. Thank you!

asked by Michele Cruz on May 05, 2016
I am having problems on the check out on my website. I am looking to upgrade my zen cart because I am using the 1.5.1 version and know that it does not work with paypal. Will this take care of the issues I am experiencing with check out.
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! I think all of your issues will be fix when you upgrade your zen cart to latest version. Please let me know if you have any question.

asked by Billy Taylor on April 14, 2016
Can you upgrade to 1.5.5 current version? Running on GoDaddy servers. I am running PHP 5.4 and My SQL 5.0 on GoDaddy. Do I need to upgrade either?
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! Yes, we can upgrade any version of zen cart to latest version. Please let me know when you are ready.

asked by Jose Nobrega on March 27, 2015
Hi Chu, I would like to update my web site, please send me some information on how to proceed and how long it would take. I\'m currently using an English & French Zen Cart v1.39 kind regards Jose
Staff answered:
Dear Jose - Thank you for question! I will create a dev site and upgrade on it. When I finish it, I will send you to review and when you approve, I will move from dev site to live site for you. The zen cart upgrade need 1 days to work.

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