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Advanced Canada Post
Advanced Canada Post

Advanced Canada Post

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Are you losing shoppers due to shipping fees? 64% of online shoppers have abandoned carts in the past due to high shipping costs. New, market-leading research from Canada Post helps e-commerce merchants evaluate the effectiveness of their current shipping pricing.

Advanced Canada Post is a Zen Cart module. If you have a Zen Cart store and from Canada, you should use it.

The common features:

  • Select any services that you want to display on frontend
  • Easy to install and config
  • Use SOAP from Canada Post Server
  • Support the handling fee

If you want to print the Canada Post shipping label, you can view this module

Reviews (2)
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Dustin Verified Buyer January 06 NJ, United States
Very usefull extension and good features
Some issues due to server configuration but support was very quick to help.
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Tobi5 Verified Buyer June 10 Colorado, United States
Great support
I am having a few issue with the module and when I email Chu, he has response my email in 1 minute and fix the issue in some minutes. Great site, service and good product.
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asked by Jason on August 10, 2018
I purchased and am using the Advanced Canada Post plugin. But we're finding that when we actually do the shipping, it is costing more than what this plugin is quoting to the customer. Even when we add a $2.50 handling fee. All of our products have a weight field associated to them but not dimensions... How does this plugin send dimensions to Canada Post when none are set?
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! You must customize it. You can use your box manager plugin from Numinix and use it for your dimension (width, length, height).

asked by Robert Luer on January 16, 2017
I'm currently using the Canada shipping module for Zencart (v.1.5.4) which uses the Canada Post Sell online system. I noticed your version uses the newer SOAP platform. We have over 1700 products on our site all with shipping weights and dimensions. Would all these need to be re-entered when switching to your module?
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! I think you don't need to re-enter your dimension because the canada post shipping will handle it.

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