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AJAX Cart Slider With JSON
AJAX Cart Slider With JSON
AJAX Cart Slider With JSON
AJAX Cart Slider With JSON

AJAX Cart Slider With JSON

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To speed up the process and avoid having to reload page contents when you add products to your cart, we develop the ajax cart with json module to help your website run better, limiting customers ' waiting time and make your customer feel satisfied.

Why is JSON? Most of the AJAX modules of Zen Cart using a simple technique that is AJAX HTML. When to use AJAX HTML, all of the content pages will be full reload so it does not make good speed download site become better.

For AJAX Cart Slider with JSON, when you add any products to your cart, the system will only process where it is required. Most of the world today using the techniques of dealing with JSON and it makes the system run a lot faster.

The common features of ajax cart slider with json

  • Add product to cart with attributes
  • Add multiple products on products listing
  • Sliding beautiful popup once the product added to the shopping cart success
  • Easily delete products on popup
  • Display a notification message when the process successfully processed
  • Handled very quickly the process of adding products to cart

Please purchase ajaxcartslider to help your website become more professional and help your customers feel comfortable when shopping.

If you have any question, you can ask us when click "ask a question" above.

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Wally Verified Buyer September 26 Washington, MO, USA
Excellent Product
Chu is amazing..as is everything they offer. I have used a lot of "ZenCart Professionals" There is simply no one better!
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Bobby Verified Buyer February 07 London, United Kingdom
Looks good
Everthing looks good and works as expected. The support team is very quickly. I will purchase a few modules in this year.
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Greer Verified Buyer January 08 Michigan, United States
Great extension and awesome support!
This extension have a tons a features. Have to try them all! and the support center is fast and so good!
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asked by James on August 10, 2018
I see you updated but it says 1.5 and fileset is 2013. Is there another way I can see my downloads and get latest? Thanks
Staff answered:
Thank you for question James! We have just completed the ajax cart customization for Myswitchshop and Element Lighting. It's not available to download. If you can, we can custom it for your site. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

asked by Cindy on October 20, 2015
Do you know if this module will work with the COWOA module? https://www.zen-cart.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=1416
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! Yes, it works fine with COWOA module from zen cart plugin.

asked by fred pineda on June 27, 2014
i played with this module but i found that once you put something on the cart and go to the checkout there is no way of EDITING the order in case there was a problem. You have to remove the product completely and start over again.
Staff answered:
Hi Fred, thank you for question! However i can not support that because it is not good if customers edit the cart content on checkout page. When a customers want to edit their cart, they can click "view my shopping cart" and edit it.

asked by Jerry on June 15, 2014
Hi, Chu, It\'s jerry again. how are you? we are really interested in the \"ajax add to cart silde\" moudle. may we ask few questions before purchasing: 1, does it also have ajax function on product listing page(not product_info page) for 2 ocassion: multi add prodcut OR each prodcuts with Qty Box per Product 2, does it compatible with your free module AJAX FAQ Module AJAX FAQ Module?
Staff answered:
Hi Jerry! Thank you for question!

Regarding #1, the answer is Yes. If you enable cart with quantity, it will work each and multiple products.

Regarding #2, it is YES too!

Best Regards,


asked by Abbas Kafi on October 23, 2013
Hi, I am interested in purchasing your Slider with Json. The only question I have is how can I style the slider to match my site? Also, is there a way we can inform the user how to close the slider. Thanks, Abbas
Staff answered:
Hi Abbas,

Thanks for the question! We offer an installation service so if you buy it, we will change the layout to match your website. In addition, we'll add a close button in the bottom of the slider so that your customers can close it if they want.

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