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Moneris Payment Gateway
Moneris Payment Gateway

Moneris Payment Gateway

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This package is a free plugin from a developer on Zen Cart. My clients had used it and they complaints me many times. There is many double charge when orders placed. Example: When you order with total is $5, you had been charged 2 times with $5 (total $10). That is reason why we had developed another module. We also added many features extra for this payment gateway. You can check here: http://zucando.com/zen-cart-modules/shopping-cart-checkout/advanced-moneris-eselectplus-payment-gateway

Moneris provides the solutions to process credit card payments online in a secure, real-time environment. Our Moneris module will authenticate customers in real-time, reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Moneris Payment Gateway - Zen Cart Payment Module for Canadian Companies with a CAD account. This module supports On-Site processing only. Please ensure to contact Moneris and verify which module you need. They have different processing for US Corp USD accounts vs Canadian Corp USD accounts.

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Damien Verified Buyer August 19 Alberta, Canada
Excellent Customer Support
Submitted a request for support because we bought the wrong plugin and received a response within 5 minutes ^^ Now that we have proper extension, it works great as advertised. Would definitely recommend!
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asked by Dennis Livingston on October 13, 2015
What version of Zencart will this work with - I have 1.3.7
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! I think you can try to install it because it's free.

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