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Paypal Subscriptions and Recurring Payments for Zen Cart
Paypal Subscriptions and Recurring Payments for Zen Cart

Paypal Subscriptions and Recurring Payments for Zen Cart

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It makes sense to offer subscription options for products that either constantly run out (pet food, water, toiletries, etc.) or every so often come in new editions (magazines, subscription boxes, collectibles, etc.). For one, it saves customers the inconvenience of going through the buying process again and again and, most importantly, it saves them from switching to a different store in between purchases.

Within Zen Cart Subscriptions & Recurring Payments module we have assembled all of the tools you'll need to implement subscription options at your store. You are given full control over defining the period of subscription, the size of payment, and the way new functions interact with native Magento functionality.

Once the payment charged, a new order will be automatically create and you can process the orders as normally in your admin panel.

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Nathan Verified Buyer December 06 British Columbia, Canada
Thank you
I have tested the express checkout for the recurring payment and it all seems to work correctly. Nathan - https://cerrawater.com/
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asked by Aaron on December 06, 2018
Can a user checkout as guest without a paypal account?
Staff answered:
Thank you for question. It required a paypal account to get the auto charge. A new order will be created in the admin panel in the next day of the auto charge.

asked by Shafiul on August 15, 2018
is this use reference payment for paypal?
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! Yes, it's. When customers create a subscription with paypal on your zen cart store, all of subscription payment will be create the same with normal orders.

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