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Product Quick View
Product Quick View
Product Quick View
Product Quick View

Product Quick View

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Quick Product View Zen Cart plugin is a quick solution to distinguish your store from competitors by furnishing enhanced usability features for customers on your store. It contributes to minimize the time spent by customers on your site when they click on any product to view its details. It eradicates annoying and repeating page reloads in these scenarios. So now customers do not have to go back and forth on category listing and product pages as many times as they click on any product. Instead, this plugin displays the necessary product information to customers in a lightbox once they click on Quick View icon by hovering over any product image.

If a product has multiple attributes such as size, color, you will see the properties on the popup. Your customers easily choose and make decisions quickly and not lose too much time to check out this product to other products.

Finally, customers can quickly add products to cart and Wishlist from the Product popup.

The common features

  • Quickly add products to Cart and Wishlist from the product popup
  • Supports all product types
  • Simple and easy to use configuration settings
  • You can set custom title for Quick View button
  • Set custom color for the product image on mouse over
  • Set Custom image for AJAX progress
  • Configure what information is to be shown on Product popup such as review, , short description, Add to cart and Wishlist links, and previous next buttons
  • Elegant display of Product's popup
  • Boost's your online revenue by 90%
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Joanne Verified Buyer January 14 Louisiana, United States
5 stars
Easy to install, does exactly what is required, installation and configuration documentation is easy to follow. 5 stars.
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Mia Verified Buyer March 28 Arizona, United States
So far so good. Really
I really appreciate professional support, able to solve problems with application of module in my alternative using of this very useful module. Recommend.
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Grant Verified Buyer January 02 FL, United States
Great zen cart plugin!
Thank You for the great work.
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asked by Mauricio Matos on January 16, 2017
Hello, I have purchased and instaled PRODUCT QUICK VIEW on zen-cart 1.55d (lastest). It work very well and make what promess. The question is... when I add a product using QUICK VIEW make no sense redirect to the product page, uh? How do I configure to add product to the cart and STAY in the same page. There are FORUM to ask this?
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! Regarding the add to cart, the quick view product is using the default code from Zen Cart so if you want to do as what said, you must customize it.

asked by Jessica Johnson on June 09, 2015
I do not like the CSS/JS Loader because it is often difficult to install with other modules.. Do I HAVE to install it to use this module or can I install it without having to install the CSS/JS Loader??
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! Yes, you can use the css/js loader or not if you want.

asked by warren on September 22, 2014
Hello - I\'m considering buying the quick view model with installation and css loader - but before I do, I\'m going to be using this with ajax cart and css tabs - can you confirm that this will be compatible - zen cart v1.5.3 - here is a link to a category example: http://www.singlebed.co.za/devsite/Kids-Furniture/Bunk-Beds - thank you kindly.
Staff answered:
Thanks for question - it works fine on all problems that you listed.

asked by kenneth on May 23, 2014
The js loader. is that the same as the numinix module?
Staff answered:
Yes, that is.

asked by weber on April 29, 2014
is this quick view module work in zen cart 1.5
Staff answered:
Yes, it works with any version of Zen Cart.

asked by Tim Duffy on February 09, 2014
Will this module work along with the FAQ module? Also, where do you place the HTML code?
Staff answered:
Thank you for question. It does not work with FAQ, you need to update code if you want it works.

You can check the HTML at includes/templates/your_template/templates/views/quick_view.php

asked by Nicolas Rocha on January 25, 2014
hi! good day.. if i purchase the Product Quick View and i want to install it myself but for some reason or so i don\'t get the mod to work can you help me install it n i will add the $20 then.? my website is www.romancecouture.us you have really good and affordable prices just like on themeforest..=]
Staff answered:
Hi Nicolas, Thank you for question. Yes, if there is any problems when you install the product quick view, we will always support you and we sure that you can do it easily :). Have a good day :)

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