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Zen Cart AJAX Shopping Cart
Zen Cart AJAX Shopping Cart

Zen Cart AJAX Shopping Cart

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Ajax Shopping Cart is a Zen Cart plugin that allows users to add, remove and update products from your Zen Cart eCommerce store in a much easy way, without needing to reload the shopping cart page. This Zen Cart module ajax shopping cart can be an immediate solution for your customers to continue shopping without waiting for the pages to get refreshed.

It comes with an intuitive design and ready-to-use functionality. This Ajax Add to Cart zen cart module is compatible with all of zen cart version. Installing Zen Cart AJAX shopping cart is extremely simple. The ajax shopping cart page helps in managing the discount coupon, shipping and tax in your Ajax Cart more effectively.

When users go to the cart page, they can see full information of their orders with subtotal, shipping costs, the discount amount (if any). The system will calculate and give specific amounts for their orders. The customers may decide to purchase more or less the products quantity from their shopping cart and will save a lot of time shopping for them. So when customers go to the checkout payment page, they will complete their order a very fast without thinking any more.

The common features:

  • Customer can add, remove and update without any reload of cart page
  • Allows customers to change quantity with just one click
  • Manage Discount Coupon in Ajax Cart
  • Manage Shipping & Tax in Ajax Cart
  • Module is easy to customize with separated layout form and CSS
Reviews (28)
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Leire Verified Buyer May 03 London, United Kingdom
Like it
Good zc plugin that makes the store a bit more modish and fluid. Such little things are really worthy! Love it!
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Jessie Verified Buyer June 09 Missouri, United States
A great experience
It works so great!!! Easy installation with Zen Cart. I'am just angry that i didn't find this module earlier ;-)
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Abby Verified Buyer May 07 British Columbia, Canada
Good product and even better servic
We sell many individual products and I was doubting between free plugin and this one. I decided to purchase the Zucando plugin and this was definitely the best call. Our template conflicted to some degree with the modules and Chu fixed my issues within 1 hour. Thank you very much!
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asked by andy smith on April 18, 2016
Hi I would like to purchase this module as i need to offer the coupon on shopping cart page. I am going to be using paypal checkout express very soon so people can checkout faster however when you enable paypal express on 1.5.1 zencart the customer pays by paypal and are returned back to our website but the payment page appears again with a coupon code which causes and extra step and it looks a little lost. I would like to remove this step and was hoping your mod wouldn't prompt the customer to see the discount coupon page again on checkout as the option is in the basket....any ideas? Any ideas? Andy
Staff answered:
Regarding your question, it is a default code from Zen Cart. We will must remove code from core-files and it's not good because you can lost if you want to upgrade zen cart version.

asked by Victor on February 16, 2015
I\'m testing the demo of the \"Zen Cart Ajax Shopping Cart\". Can you provide me with a coupon code that will work with the demo so that I can test inputting coupon codes? Thanks.
Staff answered:
Dear Victor, I have sent.

asked by Victor on February 10, 2015
hello, I am interested in the zen cart ajax shopping cart. what version of zen cart does it support? does it support Zen cart version 1.51? will there be any updates to the software when zen cart is updated to newer version. if yes, will the updates be free?
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! this module can works with any version of zen cart. Our installation service is $20 per hour so when you want to upgrade it, you will must pay this cost.

asked by Jason on November 03, 2014
Hi, I am interested in ZEN CART AJAX SHOPPING CART but I would like the cart quantity to update when the qty box is altered rather than when the customer clicks the update button. Can either I modify the code or if it is encrypted can you modify it to work in this way?
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! My module does not support the encryption, so you can edit it if you want or if you need anything else, please let me know and I am very happy to help.

asked by jim on July 01, 2014
I tired the demo but this module does the same as it would without the module. It takes me to the check out the same a regular cart does. I dont understand what its supposed to do?
Staff answered:
Dear Jim - Thanks for question! When you add a few products to your cart then try to edit/delete/update your cart. You will see the order total, shipping cost, discount coupon code...That is what the module works.

asked by fred on June 27, 2014
can this module work with AJAX Cart Slider With JSON
Staff answered:
Thanks for question! Yes, it works well.

asked by jack on April 25, 2014
I have VERY long product listing pages and every time a customer adds a product to their cart the product listing page refreshes and takes them to the top of the page. I would like them to be able to add to cart and stay exactly where they are on the page without it refreshing so that they can add more items that are near the original item they added. Will this plug-in accomplish this or do you know of one that will?
Staff answered:
Thank you for question! - It is the ajax cart slider with json.

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